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The 10 Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home for holiday gatherings or are simply looking to finish up projects left over from the summer or fall, Harbor Stone Construction Company is the only general contractor you will need to call.  Everything from flooring and painting to home additions is on our list of services that can help transform your house into your dream home.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ways to prepare your home for the holidays.  If you are planning on taking on any of these projects at your home, we hope to be number one on your list of contractors you may be calling.

1. Installing Molding

Molding can give any room a polished presentation and create a natural division between the top or bottom of a wall.  Whether it be crown molding, chair molding, or panel molding, they can really give a room a distinct appearance.  Molding can also be painted to give a room a real pop as well!  This is an easy project that is great if you want to update a room on a budget.

2. Adding New Light Fixtures

Lighting is a very important part of setting the tone for a room in your house.  Maybe your kitchen has some old and outdated fixtures that need to be replaced.  Perhaps you are thinking about renovating your bedroom and need lighting that will create an ambiance.  We can help you pick out lighting that will be the right fit.  Anything from wall-mounted fixtures to recessed lighting or even a chandelier.  New light fixtures will give any room an instant facelift.

3. Updating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in a home.  Whether it is used for creating delicious meals or used as a gathering space during the holidays and beyond, the kitchen is the heart of every home.  If you have been wanting to remodel your kitchen, we have years of experience designing, updating, and remodeling kitchens.  Whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality!  Check out our portfolio for a sample of the kitchens we have renovated over the years.

4. Adding A Splash Of Color With New Paint

Painting a room might be the number one way to breathe new life into a room.  Whether you are wanting to add your personality and flair to a new home with white walls that you recently bought or need to switch things up to the home you have had for years, paint is the way to go.  A fresh coat of paint can instantly give a warm welcoming vibe to your living room or give you the bold look you have always wanted for your bedroom.

5. Updating Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a great way to add a new aesthetic to your home while also adding value.  You can add his and hers sinks, a new shower or bathtub, heated flooring.  The list of possibilities is endless!  Perhaps you need to add a guest bathroom for friends or family that will be visiting.  No matter how you want to improve your bathroom, we have you covered.

6. Putting On An Addition

An addition is the best way to give your home some extra space and create an area that can be used for just about anything.  Our home addition contractors will take the hassle out of this experience and work with you to design an addition that works for you.  Whether you need a home office, an in-law suite, or a spare bedroom, we will make sure you are satisfied with our work from start to finish.

7. New Flooring

Flooring is another great project that can be overwhelming for some homeowners.  Save yourself the stress and let us handle this project for you!  We can advise you on the best type of flooring to use for each room in your home.  If you are looking for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpeting, or any other material, we will make sure that each floor in your house is in pristine condition for the holidays this year.

8. Finishing Your Basement

If finishing your basement has been on your to-do list, Harbor Stone Construction Company will help create a livable space that your family will enjoy for years to come.  Having a finished basement can be a great area to use as a playroom for children, an in-home gym, an office, or just about anything.  Finishing basements is a specialty for Harbor Stone Constructions company.

9. Adding A New Door

The door to your home is oftentimes the first thing someone notices when coming to your home.  Adding a new door can give the front of your home a brilliant and welcoming look.  Doors obviously are also used for security and protection as well.  If you need to replace your door for either fashion or function, we can help.

10. Repairing Or Replacing Siding

Siding can crack or deteriorate over time which can leave your home looking outdated and shabby and lead to a host of other problems.  Repairing or replacing your siding can update the exterior of your home’s look and help play a role in keeping your home warm through the winter.

Harbor Stone Construction would love to be your general contractor of choice for any project you want to have completed this winter.

Call us at (610)-467-0872 or check our contact page to see how to get in touch with us so we can help you choose a project to complete today!

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