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10 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom?

Creating a new bathroom is an exciting project! But considering it’s one of the most expensive spaces to remodel per square meter, doing it right the first time is essential for getting the most bang for your buck. Outdated bathrooms can decrease a home’s resale value, but a high-quality remodel can appeal to potential buyers and lead to a higher selling price.

To help your bathroom renovation go smoothly, we’re sharing some of the traps homeowners frequently fall into. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams without any expensive regrets.

1. Unsuitable Spacing

Decorating should be the last step in bathroom renovations rather than the first. If the plans for a renovation focus on looks rather than function first, you could create more problems for yourself.

Consider the bathroom’s space and layout before anything else. If you plan to take down walls and move plumbing, make sure the new layout meets any building code requirements for minimal space guidelines. You should also consider the placement of electrical outlets, fixtures, and furnishings from every angle to ensure they accommodate seamless everyday use.

2. Using the Wrong Materials

Bathrooms undergo quick temperature shifts and high moisture levels, so the materials used inside should be designed specifically for bathrooms.

Make sure the bathroom is watertight by using high-quality waterproof materials. For instance, only use paint or wall coverings that can survive humidity. Choose a vanity that will last a lifetime – not one that will show signs of water damage within a year.

3. Inadequate Lighting

The value of good lighting in a bathroom cannot be underestimated. Consider the varying levels of natural light in the space throughout the day and night, and decide on a combination of natural and artificial lighting solutions at varying heights. Windows and skylights are wonderful if space allows.

Opt for vanity and mirror lighting that enhances the overall lighting rather than landing on lights purely for their aesthetic. A backlit mirror is another option if you’d like to add functional lighting. Licensed bathroom remodeling contractors can recommend the best lighting strategy for your bathroom.

4. Neglecting Ventilation

Something a lot of DIYers often overlook is installing an appropriately-sized bathroom exhaust fan. Bathrooms are humid spaces, so creating adequate ventilation is essential. Otherwise, the humidity gets trapped in the enclosed area, making it the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow and destroy paint, grout, metal, and air quality.

Select an exhaust fan with the right specifications for your bathroom. Remember to consider the noise level so you don’t end up with something noisy – unless that’s what you want. Incorporating a light fixture with a built-in exhaust fan is a popular route for many bathroom designers. You may find that suits your overall bathroom design theme, too.

5. Not Installing Enough Storage

Trendy design can often lead to a bathroom that leaves its users nowhere to store (or hide) their bathroom clutter. In designing bathroom layouts, many people make the mistake of “saving” living space by lowering the bathroom’s square footage. Always allocate enough space for the bathroom to function comfortably. Closets for towels and toiletries should be considered in the bathroom layout.

Bathroom furnishings can (and should) also be utilized for sufficient storage. Pedestal sinks, for example, are great for a powder room. However, in designing your primary bathroom, remember that a pedestal sink will not afford extra storage space for towels, cleaning supplies, hair dryers, makeup, or other bathroom supplies. Include vanities and wall cabinets in a way that makes sense to meet your needs and keep them easy to use.

6. Installing Tiling Yourself

YouTube is great for inspiration and making things look easy, but when it comes to complex projects, it can be a slippery slope to spending more hard-earned money rather than saving it.

Sometimes homeowners try to install tile showers themselves or hire unqualified bathroom remodeling contractors to tackle the job. If installed incorrectly, a tile shower can leak and cause serious problems like structural damage.

7. Ignoring Small Mistakes

Little errors in a tile job or a gap in a bathroom vanity can seem minor when you’re ready for the finish line, but even small mistakes will become eyesores in the future. If you notice it during the bathroom renovations, you’ll continue to see it whenever you’re in the space. Mistakes should be fixed along the way, no matter how minute they seem.

8. Placing Fittings in the Wrong Position

The incorrect positioning of wall fittings is an easy and common mistake to make during bathroom renovations – and it’s also one that will bug you every time you’re using the space. Objects like towel bars should be attached to framing (versus drywall) so that they will not be accidentally tugged out of the wall when you hang a towel.

9. Opting Out of Accessibility Options

Homeowners often skip accessibility options because they don’t need them when they’re undergoing bathroom renovations. People often regret this when unforeseen circumstances arise, such as a family member with mobility options visiting or moving in down the road.

Having a bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower, a hand-held showerhead, and space for a bench is extremely helpful. In the event that you sell your home, it’s also desirable to many buyers — particularly if the bathroom is located on the home’s main floor.

10. Selecting Incompatible Flooring

With endless beautiful flooring options, it can feel like an easy decision to choose one simply for how it looks. Natural stone-like marble looks incredible, but it requires specialized maintenance and isn’t great for humidity.

Aside from being difficult to maintain, marble can be slippery. Since marble is a porous material, it could also be ruined the first time someone drops a toiletry if improperly sealed. If marble is the look your heart is set on, work with an experienced bathroom renovations contractor who will help you find alternate materials with similar aesthetics and fewer risks. Take the time to pick flooring that is practical and attractive. You won’t regret it!

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chester County, PA

By planning ahead and avoiding common bathroom remodeling mistakes like these, you can ensure your home is beautifully designed and fully functional. At Harbor Stone, we provide our clients with the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism. We’re at your service for any project large or small, from quick fixes to major renovations.

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