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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling will give you so many benefits, from improved comfort and visual enhancement to greater home resale value.  And, just like with any home improvement project, the bathroom renovation process requires certain necessities, requests, budget concerns and designs that must be considered in advance.

Before you jump into the planning stage, here are some bathroom remodel questions to consider:

  1. What is My Bathroom Remodel Budget?

This is the ultimate question that needs to be addressed in every home improvement project – what your realistic budget is, so you can find out what you can realistically get for that much money.  Knowing how much you have and how much you have to spend will help you eliminate items that don’t fit your budget – or possibly allow for you to expand on your remodeling dream.

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near or far future, it’s good to know that a bathroom renovation recoups upward of 60% of your costs, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report.

  1. What Are My Needs Vs. Wants?

Decide which amenities and functions you absolutely need to have in your new bathroom, and which features you want.

You certainly need a sink, a toilet, cabinets, flooring, and lighting.  Some amenities that you could be wishing for could include his and her sinks/double vanity, a larger mirror, special lights, a relaxing bathtub/Jacuzzi, premium fixtures, heated floors, towel racks and other bathroom designs that come in higher-end bathroom remodels.  The question is: does your budget or spacing allow you to have them?

  1. Who Will Be Using My Bathroom?

Do you typically use your bathroom for quick daily hygiene and showers; do you and your loved one desire a shower equipped with two shower heads; or, are you looking to relax in a bathtub with candles, dimmed lights, and music playing?

Is this the primary bathroom for young children, or for the elderly?

How many people will be using the bathroom at once?  Your wants will be different based on how many people will be using the bathroom, their age and needs, etc.

  1. What Design and Layout Do I Want?

The average bathroom is about 40 square feet.  If you dream of a more spacious spa-like oasis, you will need to expand – which means moving walls, downsizing adjoining rooms, or carving out space from closets.

While superb bathrooms do make you feel amazing and do help sell homes, such renovations are pricy and will require more time to complete.

Also, where you want your amenities is important.   If you wish to change the location of a fixture, such as moving a toilet to a new area within the bathroom, it can have a significant impact on both the cost and duration of the project, so decide on this upfront.

Keep different layouts, designs, amenities and prices in mind when planning your next bathroom remodel.

Another thing to consider, especially if you plan on living in your home into your older age or selling your home, is universal design.  Design a bathroom that’s accessible to those with impaired mobility or vision by installing a curb-less, glass-enclosed shower, grab bars near the shower and toilet to help avoid slips and falls, and walker- or wheelchair-accessible.

  1. How Long Can I Function Without this Bathroom?

Typically, during the bathroom remodel project, showers, toilets and/or sinks are out of commission for a while.  You need to decide how long you or your family can function without this bathroom, as you will have to perform normal restroom activities elsewhere.

If you have a big family, or just one full bathroom, you will need to be realistic about the timelines, scope of the project, and how it affects your needs.

  1. Do I Want an Energy Efficient Bathroom?

More and more people are going green – it’s good for the environment, and it could also save you money in the long run.

Consider installing green products, such as energy efficient faucets and showerheads.

We all should be concerned about conserving water – not wasting it.  Go for the WaterSense-labeled toilets that use less than two gallons of water per flush.  Also, high-efficiency showerheads can provide the feel of abundant water spraying on you while it’s much less, so you’ll still be enjoying your experience and doing good for the environment and your energy bill.

  1. How Much Ventilation Do I Need?

When renovating your bathroom, you surely do not want to risk having any mold and mildew, so you will need a proper ventilation system.  Depending on the size of your new bathroom, make sure there’s a vent fan with at least one CFM (rating system for exhaust fans) per square foot for bathrooms 100-square-feet or smaller.

Adequate ventilation systems will also ensure the mirrors don’t get foggy during hot showers, and keep the air fresher during other everyday bathroom tasks.

  1. How Can I Create Enough Storage?

Most bathrooms have less square footage than other rooms in your house, but you still need to store plenty of things there.  Look at all the items you want to keep in your new bathroom, and talk to your contractor to see how you can increase storage by getting creative.  Enclosed vanity will provide more storage than a pedestal sink; stackable bins in cabinets can store all kinds of essentials; an upper cabinet above the toilet will put unused space to work.

Also, showers that are outfitted with little niches are great for all your washing products.  If you’re installing a bathtub, make sure it has a wide, flat rim around the tub to securely hold body wash, soap, washcloths, candles, etc.

  1. What Are the Best Materials For My Bathroom?

When looking at different material options, opt for quality items and material that will last since bathrooms get a lot of traffic.  A cheap toilet, for instance, can more easily leak onto your new floors – not only a waste of money, but also a cause of inconvenience and frustration.

Safety should be taken into account when selecting the material for your new floor – stepping out of a tub or shower with wet feet onto a polished marble floor would be a recipe for disaster.  Consider slip-resistant ceramic tile, or the new generation of vinyl flooring, which can closely mimic the look of real wood, brick, slate, or stone (and is much more affordable).

Another thing to consider before you renovate is what the underlying materials your bathroom has.  If your home was built prior to 1978, it’s probably lead and asbestos; when disturbed, these materials are a serious health hazard if not handled properly.

At Harbor Stone, we have a reputation for completing projects that meet or exceed expectations, on time and on budget, and we also do home renovations in phases per customers’ request.

Our team of experienced contractors is trained to tackle anything from a whole house remodel to specific areas, such as the bathroom renovation.  Whether it’s a total or partial renovation to transform your current bathroom into your dream spa sanctuary – trust Harbor Stone Construction Company for all your home improvement and remodeling needs in Chester County PA and Greater Philadelphia.

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