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10 Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

Home remodeling shows on any given channel or streaming service are full of demands for open-concept floor plans – something that’s been the case for years now. Walls are knocked down left and right to open up more traditional interior layouts.

By definition, an open floor plan combines at least two traditional rooms by removing the interior walls. This usually includes a living room and dining room or a kitchen, with hallways typically excluded.

Perhaps you’re contemplating how to reconfigure your house or preparing for a new build, and you’re wondering if an open floor plan is for you. Below we’re discussing ten reasons people love open floor plans.

1. Better Flow

Open floor plans are ultimately interconnected spaces. Simply put, they establish a seamless flow from a homeowner’s living room, dining room, and kitchen, making it easier for people to move around.

Our homes should be a refuge from stress, not the cause of it. Hiring a trustworthy general contractor or remodeling contractors to design a suitable open floor plan can help things flow in a way that eases tension and establishes the house as a relaxing haven rather than a maze of divisions.

2. Ideal for Entertaining

In an open-concept home, the hosts and guests can move effortlessly from one area to the next. This tends to put everyone at ease, create a hospitable atmosphere, and reduce stress for whoever is hosting.

Guests can relax without feeling crammed in a corner during a party or caught in a traffic jam on their way to the bathroom. The host can keep an eye on everything without rushing around or feeling pulled in a thousand directions.

Modern hosting is more about the hosts socializing while they serve rather than the long-ago vision of a woman stepping out of the kitchen with a roast on a platter. That’s one of the reasons open-concept floor plans have grown in popularity since the mid-century.

3. Maximizes Natural Light

It’s not just the lighting on television: open floor plans truly create lighter and brighter interiors in real life, too. Without as many dividing walls, natural light can travel from one side of the house to the other without any obstacles.

People love the brightness and increased natural light an open floor plan affords them. We get it. Why not maximize that Vitamin D exposure in any way possible?

4. Higher Energy Efficiency

With rising heating costs, what’s not to love about a potential increase in energy efficiency? Open-concept floor plans can be easier to heat and cool, lowering energy bills and utility costs during winter and summer months. A boost in natural light can also decrease energy bills since you’ll need less electric lighting for visibility.

5. Makes Smaller Spaces Feel Larger

Adding square footage can come at a high cost, whether you do it by moving into a new house or building an addition. Open floor plans are arguably most loved for the way they make common areas feel bigger without the shocking price tag.

Remodeling contractors who specialize in open floor plans can take down walls between a kitchen and dining room or living room, opening the space so that it feels more expansive and relaxing. Since these rooms tend to be the heart of a house, making them count is wise.

6. Helps Growing Families with Multitasking

Families with young children often appreciate an open floor plan because it allows a parent to multitask. You can prepare breakfast or cook dinner while keeping an eye on the kids.

Plus, it invites children into the process. Kids can see what you’re up to in the kitchen and help if they’re curious and you’re feeling patient. Older kids can work on homework at the kitchen island or dining room table while parents are close by. Basically, a family can all perform separate tasks but still be in proximity.

7. Increases Real Estate Value

Adding functional square footage into a home improves the space and boosts the home’s overall resale value. Open floor plan homes are considered a modern design, which also appeals to home buyers.

8. Puts the Kitchen in the Spotlight

Kitchens are more than a place to store food and cook. In fact, many people are quick to call it the heart or soul of a home. Kitchens are where people gather – intentionally or not.

Open-concept floor plans are often designed to put the kitchen in a place of prominence. Doing so enhances the flow of the home and cuts down on congestion as people gravitate to the kitchen.

By cutting down on crowding and maximizing the space in and around your kitchen, you’ll be fostering togetherness – something people value that will never go out of style.

9. Allows for Multi-Functional Spaces

With an open-concept floor plan, you can turn any of the rooms into what you need for the current season. Nothing is tying you down to keep the living room as a formal space when that isn’t serving you practically. Open floor plans allow for endless possibilities – a level of freedom people embrace wholeheartedly.

10. Creates Continuity with Outdoors

In an open floor plan, everything looks and feels more connected – even the outdoors. The front or back yard of your home can become part of the coherent layout you create with an open concept.

General contractors can make this a reality with hidden pocket sliding glass doors so you and your guests can effortlessly go from the indoors to the outdoor patio, deck, or yard.

Quality General Contractors to Serve You

We hope you’ve gleaned a thing or two from our list of reasons why people love open floor plans. You know yourself and your family’s needs better than anyone else. If an open-concept floor plan is something you’re leaning towards, our experienced general contractors and remodeling contractors at Harbor Stone Construction would be happy to serve you in bringing that vision to fruition. Call Harbor Stone Construction today at 610-467-0872 or contact us online to get started with an open-concept floor plan or any of your commercial or residential design needs.

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