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10 Things To Know Before Jumping Into A Home Renovation

Renovating can breathe new life into your home, be a source of joy, add value to your property, and overall be a fulfilling project to complete.

A lot goes into a home renovation. Working with a general contractor, deciding which projects to complete and when, making choices about countertops, paint colors, or materials… The list goes on and on!

Whether you are new to home renovation or a seasoned homeowner who has seen your share of home additions, everyone can use a little help. Harbor Stone Construction Company is here to share ten helpful things to keep in mind if you are planning a new project!

1. Know Your Home

This first one may seem a bit obvious, but there is more to this tip than meets the eye.

Many new homeowners are eager to start making changes to their property to make their house a home. And there is nothing wrong with that! Injecting a bit of who you are into a home can really make it yours. That said, living in your home for a bit will give you more insight into the best way to go about renovating your home.

Where do you spend the most time? Maybe you are utilizing your kitchen more than you thought you would. How does outside light come through that window in your living room? Is mounting a TV on the wall where sunlight pokes through the best decision?

Once you have lived in your home for some time, you’ll have a better picture of which renovations make sense and which renovations aren’t worth your time, effort, and money.

2. Come Up With A Budget

This may be one of the most crucial tips on our list today. Before you ever start your renovation, you should take a hard look at your financial picture and create a comfortable budget.

If you know how much you want to spend on a renovation before it starts, it can help steer the project in the direction you want it to go. Renovations can vary from inexpensive to costly.

Discuss the budget with your general contractor mind and what you want to accomplish. Your budget may change in the middle of a project, so it is a good idea to build a cushion into your budget. From there, it is simply a matter of picking the project that is right for you.

3. Assemble The Right Team

Some of you reading this may be experienced enough to handle your own renovations. However, if you fall into the majority, you are probably looking for a team to help make your dreams come true.

Whether your project is as simple as interior painting or something massive like multiple home additions, hiring the right team is crucial.

Harbor Stone Construction Company wants to be that team for you! We have been a family-owned and operated business from the start. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and know that every job we take on is important. Big or small, we give every project our full attention.

Our team’s decades of combined knowledge and experience ensure that each job is done right. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure that your goals are our goals.

4. Choose The Right Time For A Renovation

Depending on the type of project you have in mind, renovations can take up a considerable amount of time. Is this the right time for a renovation project?

Even when working with a contractor, you will still need to focus on your project, so choosing the right time for your renovation is key. Try to start renovations at a time in your life when you have more flexibility and fewer commitments in your schedule.

5. Choose The Right Project

You may have several project ideas in mind. Choosing the right project is essential, and your decision may be based on several different factors.

Do you want to improve a specific area like a bathroom or kitchen? Are you looking to maximize your existing space by renovating your basement? Do you need more space and are considering an addition? Decide what you are looking to accomplish and how that project will help you get there.

6. Decide If You Need Temporarily Housing Or Not

Smaller projects like renovating a single bathroom may not cause much disruption in your day-to-day life. But a large-scale project might have a bigger impact.

If you are expanding your home, redoing electrical wiring in multiple areas, or taking on various projects at once, it may be a good idea to temporarily relocate. Living in your home during renovations may be a distraction or inconvenience that you do not want to deal with. Decide if you and your family are able and willing to relocate if necessary.

7. Be Mindful Of Materials

Whether you are thinking about marble or granite countertops in your kitchen, tiles in your bathroom, or flooring for your basement, the types of materials you choose for a renovation project are important.

Different materials have different functionalities and costs. If you are unsure which material is best for the project, consult with your general contractor.

8. Have Flexibility In Your Budget

We mentioned this earlier, but you will always need to have some flexibility in your budget. The cost of a renovation may change in the middle of a project. This is always true if you decide to make changes after it has already started. Home addition contractors should always be upfront about initial costs and any cost changes that arise.

9. Have Patience And Perspective

Home renovations can be stressful, and delays or budget constraints will only amplify that. Patience is key, as well as maintaining a positive outlook.

Take time to care for yourself. It could be as simple as maintaining your daily routine or mixing things up with a fun night out. Keep a healthy perspective and remember that some things are out of your control.

10. Enjoy Your Renovation When It Is Done

Once your project is complete, enjoy it! You spent a lot of time choosing the right project, working with a contractor, picking out materials, and figuring out the details. It can be a lot of work for everyone involved.

When the project is finished, take some time to celebrate the success. We know that you may have the sudden urge to move on to the next project, but you should always take some time to enjoy your renovation once it is complete.

We hope this has been helpful and will guide you before your start your next home renovation. Harbor Stone Construction Company is dedicated to making sure your home renovation projects go as smoothly as possible. We have decades of experience and knowledge, along with an expansive portfolio of projects you can check here. For all your home renovation needs, contact us today!

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