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2019 Kitchen Trends

We all want our kitchen to be inviting and efficient. After all, this is where we get our morning coffee, prepare nutritious and delicious meals, gather with others to chat and share a bite, and more.

While some of us are extra invested in the heart of the household and want and need this space to be top notch in every way, at Harbor Stone, we also understand that many homeowners have to deal with a tired, worn, outdated kitchen because a major kitchen remodeling is not possible at the moment.

The good news is that even just a fresh coat of paint or re-staining your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a fresher look and make it much more appealing!

Whether you’re planning major kitchen improvements or just want to be inspired – here are some kitchen design trends for 2019:

Dark Cabinets

Bold colored kitchen cabinetry has become more popular than the expected white.

When choosing beautiful dark color paint options, don’t be afraid to go a little moody if you want a bold statement and visual drama in your kitchen.

Image source | creatz.co

Darker Stone Countertops

Dark countertops have been a part of the kitchen scene since the early 2000s, but it was the shiny black speckled granite usually paired with white or cherry wood cabinetry.  This year holds a different look and feel for its dark countertops and cabinetry – it’s all about a matte, honed or leathered finish for the stone, providing a beautiful seamless look and feel that’s much more modern but still classic.

Just keep in mind that dark countertops and cabinetry require a well-lit room, with preferably a lot of natural light.

Stone Backsplash and Shelving

Image source | design by Marie Flanigan Interiors

2019 kitchen trend is truly about statement and seamlessness and the trend toward one-material countertop, backsplash and shelf proves it nicely.

Kitchen designers are using the stone to waterfall edges and tall backsplashes, sometimes then carrying it all the way to the ceiling. The power of stone is obvious, and it makes a kitchen truly stand out.

Walls of Storage

Beautiful yet functional storage never goes out of style, and while this trend started last year, 2019 is the year for designing walls of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry storage. This provides a plethora of internal surface area – which truly helps if you don’t’ have a dedicated pantry, and streamlines the look of your kitchen. This design element visually blends together open shelving with existing cabinetry, giving it a grand and discreet look at the same time.

Dramatic or No Hardware

The kitchen trend on the rise is no hardware at all – with insets or cut out “handles” instead. This simple and seamless look also has a great practical aspect, replacing loose knobs and handles.

If you still want to go with hardware, designers say go for big chunky hardware and fixtures that are very noticeable and have a vintage feel to them. 

Linear Lighting

The seamless kitchen theme shows up in lighting, too. Pendants will always have a place, but what’s new is linear lighting. This may mean a very modern fixture or a vintage design – either way, a linear fixture gives you a super clean design. An added benefit of this trend: you only need one junction box, which means fewer holes in the ceiling. 

Statement Appliances

While last year’s trend of integrated appliances is still in, when your appliances are unique – you want to show them off.

The new beautiful appliances are not cheap, but they are incredible, and in essence look like a piece of art – that’s also very functional.

Technology seamlessly integrated into a refrigerator, for instance, features a touch screen, interior cameras, and Wi-Fi connectivity; this means you can search recipes from the fridge, see what’s inside while you’re shopping, and leave notes and reminders to family members.

While the main focus of stunning appliances has mostly been on stoves and refrigerators, this year we are seeing more beautifully designed statement hoods.

Whether you’re looking to liven up your kitchen with designs that feel fresh and of the moment but are also classic and timeless, or you’re looking to introduce one of the 2019 kitchen trends to your home – you can always count on our skilled and experienced kitchen remodelers to bring your vision into reality.

Your search for top kitchen remodeling companies ends right here – turn to Harbor Stone Construction Company whether you’re considering a total or partial renovation of your home. Rely on our home remodeling contractors’ expert knowledge and skills to help you transform and customize your current kitchen into your dream kitchen in Chester County PA and Greater Philadelphia.

As a locally owned company providing Quality General Contracting Services, at Harbor Stone we have a reputation for completing projects that meet or exceed expectations, on time and on budget.

Contact Harbor Stone’s licensed contractors today to discuss your residential and commercial projects.

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