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The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

Spring is right around the corner and many people are looking to take on new projects in their homes.  One of the most popular home projects is remodeling a kitchen.  It can be exciting to think of all the new possibilities of what your kitchen could look like.  Remodeling your kitchen is also a great way to add value to your home.  No matter what your reason is for wanting a new kitchen, Harbor Stone Construction can help you every step of the way.  When you are looking for contractors to take on a job like a kitchen remodel, look no further.

One of the principles of a good kitchen layout is having what is called the “work triangle”.  This is an idea that was created in the 1920s in which you could maintain a clear path between three key areas – the food prep area, the cleaning area, and the food storage area.  Many people thought that laying out the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator in this manner was essential and still rings true in many layouts to this day.

With so many potential options, it can be hard to choose a layout that works for you and still looks appealing.

Our portfolio is filled with pictures of some of the kitchens we have remodeled over the years and they may serve to inspire your ideal kitchen.  Our kitchen remodelers have worked on various types of layouts and can help turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Below we are going to discuss the five most popular layouts to give you some inspiration for your kitchen.

1.  The Island Kitchen – One of the most popular choices for kitchen layouts is the island layout. In homes with an open floorplan, this kitchen layout creates a large island right in the middle of the kitchen.  The countertop on the island can be used as a large workspace for prepping food or to gather around during a get-together.  You can even incorporate a cooking surface to free up counter space in another area.  The fact that an island layout can pull double duty being used as a workspace and be used as a social area makes it a great choice for many homes that can utilize it.

2.  The Peninsula Kitchen – Like the island layout, a peninsula has a large counter space that has multiple functions. The big difference with a peninsula layout is that instead of being in the middle of the kitchen, like in an island layout, the workspace is attached to a wall or cabinetry.  While the difference in functionality is small, a peninsula kitchen can have a totally different vibe and visual appeal.  It can add extra cabinet space or even house a wine fridge or minibar.  You can’t go wrong with either layout!

3.  The U-Shaped Kitchen – Kitchens with a large space lend themselves quite well to U-shaped layouts. These types of layouts provide the largest amount of cabinet or storage space of any of the layouts on this list.  Having cabinetry along three sides, both below counters and above them on the walls, gives ample space for dishes, countertop appliances, food, and anything else that needs to be stored.  This layout also takes advantage of the work triangle the best out of any layout on the list.

4.  The L-Shaped Kitchen – The smaller cousin to the U-shaped kitchen layout, this one takes away one of the sides and is ideal for a more open layout or a smaller sized kitchen. This does require a little more flexibility when it comes to storage, but has the advantage of not feeling as closed off as a U-shaped layout.  It’s still possible to have a work triangle with an L-shaped layout as well.  You can even get creative with an L-shaped layout by adding a breakfast nook, which can come in handy if you want to utilize a dining room in a different way.

5.  The One Wall Kitchen – The one wall kitchen layout is gaining popularity in both small and big kitchens. With this layout, all cabinetry, countertop space, and major appliances are along one wall.  While this layout doesn’t work in every house, it does allow for a very clean aesthetic.

No matter what layout you choose, Harbor Stone Construction can help you choose one and have it come to life right before your eyes.

Our experienced contractors are second to none.  We offer a range of both residential and commercial services and would love to speak with you about how we can help you with your next project!

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