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9 Home Remodeling Trends for 2023

Home renovations and remodels have been trending hard since the pandemic and don’t appear to be stopping any time soon. If you’re rolling around the idea of making some home upgrades in 2023, you may be wondering: what are the top home remodeling trends for 2023?

If that’s the case, we’ve rounded up a list of 2023 home improvement trends to spark inspiration for your upcoming home improvement projects.

1. Arches

The classical Renaissance architecture aesthetic of the arch has returned to interior design. People are incorporating arches into their spaces not only architecturally via doorways and windows but in furniture design, painting effects, and decorative elements. Archways are stunning in doorways and can also be used to draw attention to special features such as fireplaces.

2. Nature-Inspired Bathrooms

Bathroom remodels are one of the most common projects – partially because they have a high rate of return on investment, but also because who doesn’t want to love the space they’re using day in and day out?

Bathroom remodel trends for 2023 will see a lot of inspiration from nature, with earthy tones (think sandy beiges, seaside blues, and warm ochres) to create a serene atmosphere. Natural materials such as stone, timber, or bamboo will be huge in 2023.

Another natural material trending in 2023 is anthracite, inspiring dark gray paint in interior design as well as bathroom accents such as vanities, washbasins, and counters for timeless elegance.

3. Barrier-Free Bathing

Bathroom accessibility plays a huge role in making sure a space is livable as people age, which means barrier-free showers continue to rise in popularity. Entrances must be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Even for folks not at this stage of life yet, barrier-free showers come with the perk of being easier to clean with fewer surfaces and joints where mildew and mold can build up.

Other home remodeling trends for aging in place include adding grab bars and safety rails in bathrooms, along with updated hardware and fixtures with ease of use. Widening doorways and upgrading flooring are additional wise remodeling choices that general contractors can help with.

4. Antique Tile

Home renovations featuring reclaimed vintage tiles are creating an increase in demand for antique tiles. Reusing antique and vintage tiles brings character, charm, and patina to an interior that can’t be mimicked. Plus, it saves things from winding up in the landfill.

5. Bold Color

If you’ve grown tired of white and gray interiors everywhere, 2023 is your year! Deep colors are making a comeback. Experts recommend sticking to warm neutrals if you’re painting your home to sell soon, as it can take time for some trends to settle in. But if you’re planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, go for some bold pops of color.

Greens were in the spotlight among many paint companies in 2022 and will remain a popular choice, but the 2023 colors of the year feature a diverse selection of rich and vibrant colors. 

6. Expanded Outdoor Spaces

When the pandemic struck, general contractors saw a surge in requests for expanded outdoor spaces. Those requests continue to pour in as people have adapted to spending more time at home and wanting to ensure their outdoor spaces are set up for maximum enjoyment.

Deck, patio, pergolas, and porch renovations or installations are welcome home additions for people of all ages. Other popular outdoor home additions include aesthetically appealing fire pits and outdoor kitchens for entertaining, and the always-a-favorite hot tub.

7. Colorful and Unique Kitchens

People have begun taking more risks in designing kitchen spaces that reflect their personality. The ways to do this are endless, even if you’re working with a smaller budget. Updating kitchen lighting, hardware, or backsplash are small changes with a major wow factor — and 2023 is the year to take whatever risk you’ve been wanting to!

8. Built-In Storage

Homeowners continue to crave spaces that appear sleek and put-together while still carrying the capacity to hide away everything they need. Installing more built-in storage options such as custom walk-in closets, open shelving, and built-in bookshelves is helpful for homeowners and a huge selling point for houses on the market.

9. Mudrooms

Gone are the days of a mudroom being a utilitarian space without much beauty or investment. In 2023, mudroom additions and upgrades will be a top home remodel project. Good design extends to modern mudrooms, which more and more homeowners want to have outfitted with chic storage solutions to hide shoes and bags and hang up coats and backpacks.

Pet owners are customizing mudrooms with custom areas to rinse off paws in the mudroom. Mudrooms are a perfect spot for a tiled area with a handheld showerhead to clean up dogs after they’ve been outdoors.

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