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What To Expect During A Home Renovation

Whether you are a new homeowner or someone who has lived in your house for years, you may be looking to renovate your home. It’s an exciting part of homeownership!

Hopefully, if you are searching for “general contractors near me,” you will find Harbor Stone Construction Company. We have been helping residents in Oxford, PA and the surrounding areas for over ten years and would love to help you with your next renovation project. Whether you are looking for contractors for a home addition or some other service, we have you covered.

If you are looking into a home renovation project, you might already be aware of some things that “come with the territory,” so to speak. But there may be other factors you have not accounted for and need to know about before diving in.

We have made a list of things you should know about to better understand the renovation process and any day-to-day life changes you should prepare for.

1. Making a Lot of Decisions

Whether you are going through a small- or large-scale project, you will have a lot of decisions to make. The finish used for your bathroom sink, the cabinet height in your new kitchen, the placement of outlets in your basement—the list goes on! You’ll be involved in the decision-making process of a lot of things.

When making decisions, work with your contractor. Communicate clearly and ask questions to determine what is feasible, in your budget, and makes the most sense.

2. Expect the Unexpected

While it may be an old saying, the advice to “expect the unexpected” certainly applies to renovation projects. Once your project is underway, many unexpected factors may pop up and disrupt the project.

Perhaps there is wiring that is not up to code and needs to be repaired. In an older home, you might discover asbestos in the house. Plumbing may need to be redone to get your kitchen set up exactly to your specifications.

Unfortunately, many of these below-the-surface issues are beyond your contractor’s control. They must be addressed before the contractors can continue with the original project to ensure it is successful, safe, and up to code.

3. Potential Delays and Changes

Contractors do their best to stick to the original project timeline, but it’s not unheard of to encounter delays or changes along the way.

There are multiple reasons why the completion date of your project might be delayed or changed. It could be due to an unexpected issue, like the ones outlined above. It could also be something as simple as the specific faucet you wanted being on backorder. Clients who request changes mid-project will also shift the timeline, especially if it requires more work.

Delays have always been something to expect during renovation projects. They have only been amplified over the last few years due to supply issues, cost of goods, and other factors. Keep this in mind as your project starts, so you will be less shocked when something comes up.

4. Changes to Your Budget

Along with changes to your project, there may be changes to your budget as well.

Contractors will provide clients with an estimated project cost, but it may change throughout the process. Home addition contractors will do their best to stay within the constraints of your budget, but the cost of a project could change just as easily as how long it will take to complete.

It is always a good idea to set aside a cushion of funds of anywhere between 10-20% of your estimated budget. If something comes up, you will be prepared to keep the project going despite changed costs.

5. Noise, Dust, Access to Your Home

While this may seem like a no-brainer, some people are not always prepared for the amount of noise or dust that comes with a renovation project. While the contractors are hard at work, they will be using power tools, moving heavy objects, taking out walls, putting up drywall, cutting wood, installing wires and pipes—and it’s noisy!

These things will also create dust and debris in or around the project area. Our contractors do their best to keep this to a minimum, but remember that it’s an unavoidable part of any renovation project.

6. Happiness When Your Project is Done

When your project is done, you should expect to be happy. You should want to spend time in your new space, use it to its fullest potential, make memories with your family, and party with your friends! When your home renovation is completed, if you are not happy, you may have hired the wrong contractor.

HarborStoneCC.com should be the only website you click on when you search for general contractors near me. We will do the job right and leave you satisfied with your new renovation. Check out our portfolio of successful projects right here! Call us today at 610-467-0872 for a quote on your next home renovation.

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