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How to Survive a Remodel

A home remodel is well worth the wait – just think about the beautiful transformation that will happen to your outdated or inefficient kitchen or bathroom – but living in your home during this process can be stressful and very challenging.

Since it usually involves tearing out old walls, windows, cabinets, and other permanent fixtures, and you cannot move out while it’s in process, you’ll need some help navigating in the dirty, noisy, and disruptive environment during the remodel.

Here are some survival tips to make your life easier during home remodeling projects:

Plan for Daily Life

Your house may be a mess, but you’ll still want a cozy bed, hot meals, clean clothes, and a refreshing shower. If possible, arrange to stay with friends, family, or in a hotel, even a recreational vehicle – but stay close to your home and the project. You may not be able to stay there the entire time, but even escaping for a coupe of days at a time will provide some relief from the construction zone life.

Pack Like You’re Moving

Before the remodel begins, clean your house; wrap, pack and store everything except the things you want to use during the remodeling. You want to protect everything from the construction dust, possible breaking, or things getting lost.

Create a Safe Zone

The work area should be blocked off and you and your family and pets must stay away from it, for the safety of everyone. Since the workers have to walk in and out of the area that’s being remodeled, the work zone can be created with temporary plywood walls with a separate entrance, so that the contractors are not crossing paths with the homeowners; a simpler solution is to attach plastic sheets as walls and place a long zipper for a re-sealable entrance and exit. This will also keep the dust in the work area.

Set Up Temporary Rooms

Before remodeling of the kitchen begins, set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in your home, such as in the living room, den or garage, or even the bedroom. Move your microwave, toaster oven, toaster, coffee maker there, and bring in a small refrigerator. If the water will be turned off for long periods of time, make sure you have a lot of bottled water, and get paper plates, cups, etc. See if you can take showers somewhere else.

While there’s no way to avoid a mess during the remodel, you can arrange that debris, trash, and dust be contained, and have a plan so that waste materials will be hauled away on a regular basis. Cover all floors in the remodeling area. Since some dust will always escape from the areas, cover or remove electronic equipment, fine furniture, or other valuables.

Protect Your Health

Defend against air pollution – make sure the house will be properly, fully ventilated when glues, paint, finishes, or other odorous materials will be used.

Communicate with Contractors

Keep the lines of communication open, so that you can track the progress and know what to expect and plan accordingly as the remodel continues. It’s also good to be aware that project changes after the remodel has been underway will usually lead to increase in cost.

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