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A List of Our Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

At Harbor Stone, we find that most homeowners are continuously looking for ways to make their homes more attractive, current, and comfortable, and – some projects seem to be higher on the list.

Our team of home improvement and remodeling contractors has tackled anything from a total property remodel to specific areas, such as basements, decking, kitchen and bath, etc., with expert knowledge and skills to customize and transform your living or working area into your dream space.

Here are the 3 most popular home remodeling project requests that we have had over the years:

1. Kitchen

Design trends are constantly evolving, and kitchen remodeling projects are certainly at the top of the list of popular projects we do for our customers.

Since kitchen is a heart and a hub of the house, it’s natural that you want it to be functional, visually appealing, and in style.

A well-designed kitchen can increase your storage and usage space, and the latest trend is to have as much open space as possible, by designing a hard-working hub within the kitchen, and leaving a lot of breezy space.

For small or modest-size kitchens, you may want to consider installing a counter-depth fridge, which sits flush with adjoining cabinetry and countertops. Since remodeling in smaller spaces is often a game of inches, opening up even a little more space and creating a streamlined look can make a lot of difference.

Also, matte finish appliances are very trendy – they give your kitchen a bold and elegant look.

Countertops that seem to be extra popular are butcher block, inspired by Danish design, and marble. Other trendy kitchen items include farmhouse sinks, industrial stoves, and shiny gold and bronze hardware.

2. Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is another highly requested project, and it’s not surprising – after all, is there anything better than starting your day and getting ready for the night in a fresh, blissful bathroom?

Custom-built showers and bathtubs, such as minimalist basin style bathtubs and glass-encased walk-in showers, create a European spa feel at your home. Other trends are boldly patterned geometric floors, textured walls, and satin or polished brass and bronze knobs, knockers, pulls, and faucets.

Also, just like with kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels are a great opportunity to add value to your home.

3. Countertops, Cabinets, Floors

Some customers opt for replacing just the countertops, backsplash/tiles, cabinets and floors, instead of the total remodel of their kitchen or bathroom.

White cabinets continue to be in, and – gray is the shade that is stealing many homeowners’ hearts, too. Combining cabinet colors is another fashionable look that’s holding strong. Functionality is big nowadays, and hydraulic, easy-close cabinet doors and other functional styles are being introduced.

Trendy countertops are made from marble, in white or black, both for kitchens and bathrooms. If you are on a tighter budget, new generation laminate countertops feature a more realistic, larger stone pattern and rounded edge, giving them a granite or marble look for less.

As far as flooring, wood flooring is always s classic choice, and trends are offering a new and stylish twist. For instance, herringbone and chevron parquet designs seem to be in, as seen on trend-setting home décor and renovation shows. Floor colors are at each end of the spectrum, and homeowners are looking for bold looks that make their home stand out.

As a locally owned company providing Quality General Contracting Services in the Greater Philadelphia area, at Harbor Stone we have a reputation for completing projects that meet or exceed expectations, on time and on budget.

We also do home renovations in phases per customers’ request, if that is more aligned with their budget.

Whether you’re considering a total or partial renovation to transform your home into your dream home, or you’re looking to increase the value of your property in Chester County PA and Greater Philadelphia, trust Harbor Stone Construction Company for all your home improvement and remodeling needs.

Contact us today to discuss your future residential and commercial projects.

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