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Does Your Office Inspire Your Employees?

When you take a look around your place of work, do you find that its design and layout inspire and motivate you and your workforce?

Employers and business owners who are looking for ways to boost productivity and inspire and motivate their staff not only increase their bottom line, but also create a culture and environment that attracts top talent and help the business surpass their competition. The look and feel of the office space contributes to a company’s culture, which can define their success, employee retention and motivation, etc.

Many studies have recently shown that workspace design and atmosphere can affect your workforce job satisfaction and can serve to motivate and increase productivity; as a matter of fact, some 90% of mid to senior level management believe that office layout has a direct impact on performance.

Not only does office space affect workers, but cluttered, dark, and sterile looking offices can also make a bad impression on potential clients or future employees. A report by Human Spaces found that 33 percent of respondents said office design affects whether they even accept a job.

Many managers and business owners are noticing a decrease in productivity after years and years of their workers looking at the same old walls, desks, chairs and outdated fluorescent lights. Dismal looking spaces can make it depressing to come to work, whereas offices with fresh, colorful paint, energy-efficient LED light-bulbs and more natural light, pleasantly updated décor, ergonomic furniture, and live plants can create an atmosphere that will help employees respond positively to their environment.

Without happy and efficient employees, no business can succeed, so renovating and upgrading your workspace is a smart investment – having a motivated, productive team is well worth the effort.

At Harbor Stone, we assist companies and business owners who are looking for ways to make their office spaces more attractive, current, and comfortable, with our commercial construction approach which is characterized by innovative thinking, commitment to superior quality, complete customer satisfaction, and backed by our warranties.

Behind each successful project stands the Harbor Stone team – a talented and experienced group of commercial contractors, dedicated to absolute perfection on each and every project, from a total property remodel to specific work areas, such as kitchen, bathroom, office renovations, etc.

Harbor Stone Construction Company we are dedicated to ensuring that no matter what you need, whether it is an office, retail, school, etc., we will devise a solution to keep your business operations running smoothly, while we work on improving your business through your commercial renovations.

Contact our office renovation contractors today to discuss your commercial projects in Chester County PA and Greater Philadelphia.

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