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Things to Consider Before You Begin an Office Renovation

The layout and décor of an office can certainly set the standard for increased productivity and positive workplace culture. It can determine your workplace’s organization, flow, efficiency, and employee attitude.

Does your office space need transforming, so it can truly inspire and motivate you and your workforce, and provide your clients with a more welcoming environment? A clean and sleek office design supports clear focus and productivity, and a vibrant and open-floor layout can encourage open lines of communication, teamwork, and a more upbeat environment.

Before you begin planning for an office renovation, here are some important things to consider:

  1. Purpose

What are trying to achieve with the renovation? Get clear on your needs and vision for the space you want to create; for instance, is it to improve clients’/customers’ experience, is it about employee productivity, or both?

Depending on the purpose, your office renovation may require a lot of effort, time and money, so planning accordingly is crucial.

  1. Functionality

When thinking about renovating office space, while style matters, functionality, safety and comfort are the most important things. Take into consideration your entire office space, including employee spaces, storage spaces, garages, and curbside appeal as applicable.

The overall ambiance needs to be comfortable, and your office layout, furniture, equipment, etc., should all align with the image of your company and the type of business you conduct.

Your staff should feel comfortable working in that environment, and it should be warm and cozy for visitors and clients.

  1. Cost and Timelines

As you start to plan the renovation of your office, you need to create a realistic and sensible budget. List the things that will make your business more profitable – for example, figure out whether you need to accommodate more workstations or you just need to expand storage space.

The cost of a renovation can be high, and the renovation process long and arduous, especially if renovations take place over a period of months or quarters, so keep this in mind and consider making smaller, sectional changes over time if that fits your budget and business better.

An experienced contractor will evaluate your office space, discuss your requirements and give you a free estimate based on your requirements.

  1. Future and Vision

Make sure your vision for the future of your business and your current plan for your office renovation align and support each other. For instance: will your physical office be able to expand with the rate of growth of your business; and is the space flexible enough to accommodate future changes and the need of new equipment; will the building/office be easily adaptable in the future?

Also, make sustainability a part of the renovation – sustainable elements are not only good for the planet, they can make good business sense and increase resale value.

There are many more things to review and consider as you begin the planning and then the renovation, but the process doesn’t have to be difficult – with the right plan and contractor on your side, redesigning your office space can be an exciting investment into the success of your team and your business.

At Harbor Stone Construction Company, we assist companies and business owners who are looking for ways to make their office spaces more attractive, current, and comfortable. We are committed to superior quality and complete customer satisfaction, and dedicated to ensuring that whether it’s an office, retail space, or school, etc., we will devise a solution to keep your business operations running smoothly, while we work on improving your business through your commercial renovations.

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