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Top 5 Home Renovations That Pay Off

Whether you’re considering updating your old house for a potential future sale or sprucing it up for the immediate sale – it’s good to keep in mind that certain home renovations and remodels rank much higher than others when it comes to ROI.

Here are the top 5 home updates that can increase your home value and maximize the return at resale as seen on HGTV:

1. Minor Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is generally a highly requested project, but did you know that minor bathroom remodel averages 102 percent return at resale?

Replace the tub, or re-caulk and re-glaze for a like-new finish. Remove dated wall coverings and apply a fresh coat of paint, and if the walls are damaged, spray-on texture will provide quick coverage.

Replace old shower doors, toilet, sink, fixtures, and vanity.

2. Landscaping

An average return at resale for landscaping your yard is 100 percent.

Clear the weeds, replant, add a splash of color. Replace overgrown shrubs with flowering foundation plants. For maximum impact, use one color in one section of the yard, especially in front of the house, and vary the height of plants.

A charming walkway and fountain will add major value to your property. Enhance curb appeal of your house by applying sealant on flagstones for a permanent wet look and power-wash the driveway.

3. Minor Kitchen Remodel

Average return at resale for a minor kitchen remodel is 98.5 percent.

Do a minor remodel when your kitchen needs a cosmetic update and not a drastically different floor plan.

Brighten up your kitchen by sanding and painting existing cabinets and drawers – re-facing is much less expensive than buying new ones.

Install a new wall oven, cooktop, sink and fixtures, and recessed lights. Laminate countertops and reseal flooring. Add decorative details without breaking a bank by changing drapes and window molding.

4. Exterior Improvements

Average return at resale for updates on the exterior of your home is 95.5 percent.

Replace vinyl siding, repaint the house, including doors and trim. Make sure you test for lead before sanding or scraping if your house was painted before 1978.

Give your house an updated look by removing old awnings from windows and doors.

Create a more inviting entry by removing damaged wrought-iron railings and install real wood supports.

If you have a porch, adding a pergola and columns will enhance its look and feel.

5. Attic Bedroom Conversion

Average return at resale for converting your attic into a bedroom is 93.5 percent.

This conversion includes creating a bedroom with a closet, a bathroom with shower, and four windows.

To lower your utility bills, add attic insulation, and make sure to check the U.S. Department of Energy website to see the right level of insulation for your area. A solar-powered attic fan is an efficient way to save on cooling costs.

If your existing HVAC system cannot handle the load of another room, factor in the cost of a second unit.

The next top home renovations and updates that pay off are:

  • Major bathroom remodel
  • Complete kitchen remodel
  • Deck
  • Patio or porch addition
  • Basement remodel
  • Window replacement

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