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Ways to Show Employees You Are Thankful for Them

Employees are the foundation and life blood of a company. They complete daily tasks, which lead to accomplishing goals and achievements. While the official employee appreciation day is in March, employees should know that they are appreciated more than just one day a year.

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Create a staff appreciation day or week.

It might take a little bit of planning but your employees will be excited and feel rewarded with the effort that is being put into making them feel like rock stars. Do something every day from catering breakfast or lunch to closing shop up early and have a party in the break room or if space is an issue, rent a space large enough for your employees to relax and chat about non-work related items.

Host your own “Dundie” inspired award ceremony.

If you are unfamiliar with the television show The Office, a “Dundie” is an award bestowed annually by Dunder Mifflin Scranton regional manager Michael Scott. Awards include: the busiest beaver award, whitest sneakers award and fine work award. While the awards are completely off the wall, you can create your own awards that match your company’s atmosphere and culture. In order to maintain morale, everybody gets a Dundie.

Throw a Holiday Party

Get into the spirit of the holidays by hosting a party for employees. You can also send invites to their families depending on how large of a get together you are wanting. These parties can include ice breakers, Secret Santa’s and raffles. To make your employees feel appreciated, gifts can be handed out. They should be high-quality and something that most will use. Examples include: apparel with the company logo and insulated mugs.

Rethink your break room.

The break room is more than just a place where hungry employees go to reheat their lunch or make a pot of coffee, it is the main gathering spot to socialize, take a break from the work day and avoid being burnt out.

Break rooms should be clean and filled with functional and comfortable furniture. The ideal break room should have a sink to clean up lunch dishes, cupboards to store tea, coffee and hot chocolate products and snacks.

But what if the break room was also a library? A place where people could listen to music or read a book, or play a game with others on staff? When you take your break room to the next level, you start to open the door to things like staff book clubs, or encouraging creativity and inspiring new ideas. You would have the ability to create a welcoming place to truly allow your employees to get away from work for a bit and refresh.

Harbor Stone wants to help you make your employees feel appreciated and give you the break room of your dreams that will inspire growth and employee happiness. Harbor Stone and our team of general contractors have the strength, creatively and diversity to meet the most innovative trends as well as the experience to make the process a rewarding one for everyone involved.

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